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WIBC host Tony Katz appeared on FOX News on Saturday to talk with Leland Vittert about President Donald Trump and who he will choose to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy on the Supreme Court. As usual, Tony wasted no time cutting to the truth:

“Knowing the subtle differences between some of these nominees? There are experts out there who really know those diffrerences. The key here is, no matter who gets picked, what you’re going to hear from the political left is “Worse. Than. Hitler.”

Civil rights leaders in Indiana already have a conference call set to talk about Trump’s pick. They don’t even know who the nominee is! It’s like a game of Mad Libs; They just fill in the name, then say this is why they’re the worst person in the world.”

They also discussed the tough spot the nomination creates for so-called moderate Democrats, like Indiana Senator Joe Donnelly. Donnelly, who is in a very tight senate race with GOP candidate Mike Braun, voted to confirm Justice Neil Gorsuch, but voted against tax cuts:

Joe Donnelly is talking about how we need a moderate type of justice like Anthony Kennedy. You talk to the Progressive Left, they hate Anthony Kennedy right now. So I dont know who he’s trying to bring over to his side when even his base would disagree with that very statement.

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