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SOUTH BEND, Ind. — Meth use appears to be making a comeback in Indiana. At least, that’s according to Hendricks County Sheriff Brett Clark. 

“Meth is really making a come back,” Clark said. “I think people are really starting to realize it’s back again and it’s really dangerous.”

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Clark concludes that this is due to the fact that the recent crack down on the opioid epidemic is working, which means drug users are starting to abandon heroin and are switching back to other drugs like methamphetamine. 

Indiana Congresswoman Jackie Walorski says if meth is on the rebound, the reaction will be different from when the state had a bad meth problem about five years ago.

“There is a new network in place that wasn’t there five years ago,” Walorski said. “It’s because communities have stood up and started to pay attention to what is going on in their neighborhoods and they’re no longer tolerant (of it).”

Walorski says all three levels of government from the federal level all the way down to the local level will commit to making sure any resurgence of a drug problem does not escalate to the level of the meth problem five years ago or even the current opioid epidemic.

State records show meth lab seizures in Indiana have continued to decline since 2013 when over 1,800 meth labs were seized across the state. However, state police have said in the past that more and more meth is being shipped into the state from Mexico.

This is because Mexican meth is said to be cheaper and more potent than meth that is made here in the state.

(PHOTO: Hendricks County Sheriff’s Office)