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COLUMBUS, Ind. — Columbus Police are asking some local kids to grab their fishin’ poles and meet them at the fishin’ hole.

Officers are taking 20 children fishing from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Thursday at the Fraternal Order of Police building along State Road 58 east of the I-65 exit near Walesboro.

“This is just another chance to build positive relationship with [kids&#93,” says Columbus Police Lt. Matt Harris.

“The images of police officers on television shows and sometimes on the news is not always the most positive thing and we seek to balance that out with a more accurate view of what our officers do on a daily basis,” says Lt. Harris.

Police say they hope that these events will help kids understand that officers are available to help them, not harass them or make their lives difficult. 

“Once this is done and these kids go back into the community, when they see these officers that a relationship has begun,” says Lt. Harris.  “Maybe down the road, one of these kids might decide [to become&#93 a police officer and have the chance to go out and help those in our community as well.”

Photo: Getty Images / Jeff Greenberg