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Let me paint a picture: You’re sitting at home watching television, scrolling through Facebook, and you hear a scream from the other room. A spider! Chaos ensues on the house. Sound familiar?


No one likes bugs in the house even if you aren’t afraid of them it’s never a pleasant feeling to see them in your home. The same goes for those incredibly annoying flies that just wont leave you alone!


To stop this madness, we have Pat explain how to get these guys gone and quick:  



To Recap:


Spiders- The 8-legged creatures can be rid of with a simple Ban Treatment. Attach a Home Defense treatment to a hose and spray the outside of your house. Spray about 5 feet out, getting all bases and sills of the house on the outside. 


To get the creepy crawlers that are already in your house Spider Glue traps get the trick done.


Drain Flies- First find where they are coming from, what drain specifically. Typically it’s the kitchen drain, but not always. Put a piece of tape over your drains over night and let’s just say in the morning you’ll know or not.


To get rid of the drain fiends make sure to clean your drain. Use Drain Care or a similar product to get rid of all the food and junk that’s attracting them. Try some insecticide spray then clog the drain with a dishcloth to make sure the are good as gone.


Fruit Flies- Though different from drain flies, they are equally annoying. You can use the typical fruit traps to pick them up, but the traps do not stop the problem.


To make sure they stop coming back, find the source. Clean out the pantries, check around your trashcans, and get that rotting food out of there!


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