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(Nicholas Kamm/Getty Images)

Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats was onstage at a security forum in Aspen, Colorado, when he was told by NBC’s Andrea Mitchell that the White House had announced on Twitter that President Donald Trump had invited Russian President Vladimir Putin to visit in the fall.

“Say that again,” Coats said. After a long pause he continued: “Okaaaay. … That’s going to be special.”

WIBC host Tony Katz spoke with Leland Vittert of Fox News, asking Vittert when the liberal media will stop talking about Russia:

“The serious question is when will President Trump stop talking about it and when will he acknowledge that Russia is the enemy of the United States? Yet, the President consistently does not seem to realize that he is frequently on the wrong side of things, and when he comes under fire from his detractors, he seems to double down on ‘it was a win’, rather than acknowledging that he made an error in judgment and moving on.

If you watch, Tony, even the President’s strongest defenders have rebuked him on this. And even when President Trump walks something back, he walks back the walk back! 

But part of the problem is that the President is so bothered by the accusation of Russian collusion, and he seems to equate that to Russian interference, which is a different thing.”

Vittert when on to acknowledge, however, that the political left is overplaying their hand and going too far in actions taken since the Trump-Putin press conference. Click below to hear Tony’s full interview with Leland Vittert: