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Photo Credit: ALEXEY NIKOLSKY / Getty Images

The gaseous storm of liberal cranial explosions following the Helsinki Summit between President Trump and Russian Premier Putin has been the source of some of the best Vaudeville comedy to come along since the 1920s; claims of treason against our President, screaming invective about his sellout to the Russians, (nobody can tell us what was sold) and even ashen-faced declarations that in fact Trump is a Russian agent—no I’m not kidding, they said it—fill the cable band width and commercial airwaves incessantly.  Where’s the candy man with the valium, “ludes” and Xanax when they really need them?!

It’s tough to wade through this silly sewage with a straight face, and even more difficult to ascribe some kind of factual basis for it all, UNTIL we look back at the conduct of the last campaigns against America by the left and examine the sources of the folly.  Of course we begin with the fundamental axiom, that with the Left the issue is never the issue.  Remember that gay marriage, Russian influence, tax cuts, defense spending, border enforcement, carve- outs for transgender bathrooms, assault weapons, racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, open borders, whatever the hell. . .in truth and in deed are no more than talking points and stalking horses for what they really want. 

Oh sure there are plenty of guilt-ridden liberals, mostly white folks making a living but ashamed of it; there are wealthy folks who throw big money at such problems and the spotted owl, that guppy that lives in a river in California, the polar bear (doing fine in its habitat, in case you wondered), serial rapists who prey on unaccompanied illegals of all ages, and even protection for extremists who come to this country illegally.  Really.

Knowing as we do that these same (and other causes du Jour) issues are the stock in trade of the American Left, they woo lost ball snowflakes into their trips through the looking glass and eventually onto self-made battlefields where they burn people’s cars, sack their businesses and maim or kill those who get in their way.  And when the spotted owl or the guppy lose their shock effect for a while, they gin up outrage over the treatment of drug dealers and human traffickers by men and women whose lives are at stake all day every day.  We know also that liberals are terrified of facts that might call into question their zealotry over whatever they are told to believe today, so we end up with a sort of societal proof that people always attempt to fight the next war like they attempted to fight the last one.

Here is where I’m going with all this; beneath all the caterwauling and whining, the unhinged rants over presidents they are told are Russian agents, and the huge and fraudulent fairytale of manmade global warming and the complete fabrication regarding Jews and their claims to Israel, there is a “root cause” that is a quantum leap more accurate than any of those ridiculous claims that sought to explain why it was ok for Muslims to fly planes into our buildings. 

From jump, the real bottom line is as meaningless as it has always been false.  To those who seek such conflict the United States of America was never great (ask the DC village idiot Maxine Waters), and its aims, its history, sacrifices and near-cosmic achievements for all mankind are either lies or misunderstood from the very beginning.  So if you live in a country that has cared for you and offered you unimaginable opportunities, but your minds have accepted multiple invitations to perversions of all we have done, you always fight the same war, angry at the same people, and sadly committed to killing every golden egg laying goose they can find. 

And that is why they will lose in 2018 and again in 2020; they hate that which has fed them and in the main allowed for success and accomplishment never before known in human history.  So they incite riots, kill cops, burn buildings and sew defeat wherever they go.  Just like last time, just like the last ginned up froth, and just like the last and previous “issues” do it all with the same worn out and destructive purpose.  America is firmer and stronger than that, and at this point, as the Left continues to fight battles from the 1960s, always deluding themselves that this time folks will buy their fraud and assist in their own societal suicide.  And they will lose again.