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LaPORTE, Ind.  — Jeremy Reed thought it was safe to swim in Lake Michigan on Sunday evening because the water only went up to his thighs. But then an undertow swept him off of his feet and carried him away from the shoreline.

Reed told WSBT-TV that he started swimming parallel to the shore to get out of the current, but found it hard to keep his head above the water.

Reed said it “wasn’t long” before a group of lifeguards found him in the water and helped him to shore.

He described the ordeal as just about “the scariest thing I ever experienced” and said he’s grateful for the lifeguards who risked their own lives to save him. 

Michigan City police said red flags were posted at the beach on Sunday to warn people about dangerous currents, but many people ignored the warnings.

Reed said he hopes his experience will teach others not to get into the water when it’s too dangerous to swim.

(Photo by ollegN/iStock/Getty.)