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INDIANAPOLIS — A man was captured on surveillance video sitting naked on a woman’s porch. 

Emily said she wasn’t home early Tuesday morning but she got an alert on her phone from her doorbell security camera that there was motion on her front porch. 

When she opened that video to check it out she saw a naked man she didn’t recognize sit down on her porch. What he did next is too graphic to detail. 

“I was pretty disgusted,” said Emily. “And of course scared and really glad I wasn’t home at the time.”

Emily says she called the cops but by the time they arrived, the man was gone. 

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office said they’ve identified the suspect, but no arrests have been made.

Emily and her neighbors just want the man off the street so he won’t do the same thing to someone else. 

“If they know who he is they should just find him right now and get him,” said Emily. “I’m really glad that I had the doorbell because if he did it to someone who didn’t, or ended up doing it to someone else, that’s really scary.”

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department is urging neighbors to be patient and let the investigation run its course. 

They say it’s hard to prevent this type of crime but if you ever see something similar you should call 911 and not approach them. Police say people caught in the act could become aggressive. 

If you have a camera, like Emily, save the video because it could be useful evidence for police to identify and capture the suspect. 

Police also say neighbors should stay vigilant and watch out for each other and always report suspicious activity.