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INDIANAPOLIS — Does Indiana have enough water?

That is one of the many questions that the White River Alliance looks to answer at its first ever Indiana Water Summit in Indianapolis next month. Jill Hoffmann, executive director of the Alliance, says a variety of topics concerning Indiana’s water are on the table. But the heavy hitter will simply be: Does the state have enough?”

“The most important part is ‘how much we have?’ and ‘where is it?’,” Hoffman said. “We have some historic data on water resources both underground and surface water, but not a lot and certainly not enough to be answering questions of ‘Do we have enough?’.”  

The summit will not only cover topics regarding the White River, but all rivers and bodies of water throughout the state. Hoffmann says its crucial water planning is talked about since water is so crucial to Indiana’s economy.

“There’s nothing more important to economic development than water,” Hoffmann said.  “Water impacts how much energy we have available since we use a lot of water for energy production. Almost all of our manufacturing employers are huge water users.”

In Fort Wayne, a riverfront development project has been ongoing the last few years along the St. Joseph River. The same idea has been tossed around along the White River in Indianapolis. Water planning is a big part of those projects, according to Hoffman. 

No politics are involved in the discussion either. She adds a summit like the one they plan to have August 12th and 13th at the JW Marriott in Indianapolis are a way to be proactive in water planning so Hoosiers can have enough water to use and enjoy in the future.

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