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INDIANAPOLIS — They’re striving to bring peace to Indianapolis’s neighborhoods.

Rob Fry and James Wilson are the first two Indy “Peacemakers”, or Community Resource Coordinators. They’ll serve under the city’s Director of Community Violence Reduction, Shonna Majors in hopes to bridge communication between the police department and the community. 

As “Peacemakers” Fry and Wilson will work with at-risk youth, interact with the community, organize peace walks and clean-ups, share available resources, and coordinate with law enforcement.

“There’s communication between you and the police department, and people don’t trust the police department,” Fry said, “They can at least say, ‘Hey Rob, this is what’s going on in the neighborhood. Can you help us?’”

Both men are familiar with the struggle of growing up in communities affected by violence and crime. They hope to use their past and childhood experiences to relate the community.

“I was one of these kids, or I very well could’ve been a victim in the streets. So, because I found a way out I want to relay that message to some of the younger youth around the community.” Fry said. 

Fry and Wilson want to better build a relationship with people living in Indy’s neighborhoods so people feel comfortable coming to them and talking about violent crimes they may know about.

“The crime rate solely relies on the community. The things happen internally and a lot of times we don’t want to talk about that. We like to sweep it under the rug and it needs to be said.” Wilson said. 

Fry and Wilson are only the first two peacemakers the city has hired, they plan to hire at least two more in the future. It’s all part of Mayor Joe Hogsett’s violence reduction strategy. 

(Photo by RTV6)