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WIBC host Tony Katz appeared on FOX News with Leland Vittert to discuss the tariffs, and whether or not they will have an effect on the mid-term elections.
Tony Katz of WIBC Indianapolis talks tariffs on FOX News

Tony agreed with Leland that all politics are local, and that a factory worker in Missouri – who is in risk of losing his job at a nail manufacturing plant due to the 25{e0016bc526488076cccec5187651e4db422187ce89e640e1eb2a2519a6ce4707} tariff on steel, and is considering voting for Democrat Claire McCaskill for Senate – has real reasons to be upset with President Trump over the tariffs, is not indicative of Trump supporters, nor Americans, in the main:

…in the main, people have faith in President Trump. He’s earned it. When we talk about this economy, when we talk about these tax cuts, which is one of things I’d say to that Missouri worker; Claire McCaskill didn’t vote for tax cuts. To say you can trust her now on trade, that’s you being upset. Those aren’t the facts as presented.

When the conversation turned to how President Trump has handled tariffs, Tony gave the President some good advice:

I think the President should talk about what it’s going to take to make (better trade deals.) Some of the sacrifice that needs to be involved, some of the price increases Americans will see in the short term. But in the long term we create a better the better world for the worker of today, the worker of tomorrow, your kids and that’s how we Make America Great Again.

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