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It was a Mc Rip-Off.

The Daily Beast has broken a story about how the wildly-popular McDonald’s Monopoly game was rigged by a former police office, defrauding the company out of more than $24 million.

According to the report by Daily Beast contributor Jeff May Sh, Special Agent Richard Dent of the FBI’s Jacksonville Field Office in Florida is responsible for unconvering the fraud.

From The Daily Beast:

“Dent’s investigation had started in 2000, when a mysterious informant called the FBI and claimed that McDonald’s games had been rigged by an insider known as “Uncle Jerry.” The person revealed that “winners” paid Uncle Jerry for stolen game pieces in various ways. The $1 million winners, for example, passed the first $50,000 installment to Uncle Jerry in cash. Sometimes Uncle Jerry would demand cash up front, requiring winners to mortgage their homes to come up with the money.”

Dent’s investigation uncovered a conspiracy to defraud McDonalds by multiple individuals, but the primary mastermind behind the scam was former police officer, Jerome Paul Jacobson.

WIBC host Tony Katz covered the story on his afternoon show Monday:

“I had no clue that people were so into these games. I always thought it was just something people played for fun and moved on with their day. There are people who are obsessed with this game. The lengths to which people will go to break the law is remarkable.

And here’s the best part: To think that you’ll never get caught. How many times do you keep doing it until you finally realize you’re going to get caught. Has no one ever heard about Al Capone?”

Click the link below to hear Tony’s what happened when the FBI finally caught up to the McFraudsters: