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Leave it to WIBC’s Nigel of the Hammer and Nigel show to turn a peaceful two-hour flight from Fort Myers, FL into an incident that’s likely resulted in his name being placed on the TSA “Watch List.”

This latest international travel incident involving Nigel was sparked by his attempt to redeem multiple tickets for free booze (go figure) on a Southwest Airlines flight from Fort Myers, FL to Indianapolis.

Apparently Nigel was in the sunshine state for a weekend vacation, and prior to departure, his friends handed him tickets for complimentary drinks that were redeemable on any Southwest flight.

The problem? Each ticket was issued under a different passenger’s name.


“I handed the flight attendants the tickets and went to the bathroom. I walk back out and they were all three looking at me like I was some sort of Russian secret double agent – like some sort of a spy.

…They were looking at me like I was going to jail for fraud, like I’m some shady guy trying to use three different identities. Now for the rest of my life there are going to be three attendants who are trying to get me on a TSA watch list because I was trying to get free drinks.”

Click the link below to hear to Hammer’s take on Nigel’s latest debacle: