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(Andrew Matthews-PA Images/Getty Images)

Mock and Daisy returned from vacation Tuesday, and Mock was all fired up about her future neighbor in South Carolina, who apparently is vying for the title of “Most Unpleasant Human Being on the Face of the Planet.”

Here’s the deal:

Mock and her kids were enjoying themselves at the local community pool when Mock’s future neighbor (who she hadn’t met before) introduced herself and immediately explained that she and Mock would not be getting along because they don’t share the same political views.

Side note: Ever notice how it’s always the liberals who are so controlled by their irrational hate and hyper emotionalism that they simply can’t associate with anyone who doesn’t share their moronic views?

At any rate, this future neighbor from hell proceeded to make every attempt to ruin Mock’s day and ensure that things will be uncomfortable between the two of them in the future.


“She basically told me that my reputation proceeded me and that we would not be getting along as a result because we didn’t share the same views politically. So she hated me and had already decided that we couldn’t be friends or even cordial to each other because we do not share the same views politically.”


“See I think that’s the difference between liberals and conservatives: conservatives can be friends with people who don’t share their views, but liberals are just so elitist and arrogant and they cannot accept anyone in their social circle who doesn’t think the exact same way they think.”

Future neighbor from hell also has an intense objection to giant, unicorn floats.


“There was this giant unicorn raft that I asked my kid to bring over so I could take a picture of him with it, and the first thing she starts doing is complaining about the raft, why would someone bring such a gigantic, enormous raft; she was just so incredibly unpleasant.”

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