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Brian and Rob – now friends again – were back in the WIBC studio Tuesday to break down the latest McScandal that’s shaken America to its very core.

Okay, it barely moved the meters in the mainstream media, but for a couple of poor radio bums who are looking for every opportunity for advancement they can find, the story of how one ex-cop managed to rig the McDonald Monopoly game for several years and subsequently steal millions of dollars was too fascinating to pass up.

In today’s episode, Brian and Rob break down how the scam worked, why you’ll never win no matter how many Big Macs your fat butt consumes in a week, and why Brian blames the liberal elites for destroying the McDonald’s memories of his youth.

Also discussed was the exciting news that Rob Kendall has been nominated by the Indy Star as Indianapolis radio personality of the year! His competition? Some dude named Tony who does 17 hours of radio per day.

Plus, it Brian really leaving radio to open a La Rosa’s Pizza franchise?

Take a few moments and enjoy Indianapolis’ only 9-minute radio show. 

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