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Well, cross another one off your “Reasons to Move to Saudi Arabia” list. The preferred spring break destination of absolutely NO ONE on the planet has banned ‘fun.’

Now I know what you’re thinking: “But Saudi Arabia is the fun capital of the world! Who wouldn’t want to hop a plane and spend their vacation strolling around in a black burka in 120 degree heat?”

Alas, Saudi Arabia – aka “Fun Town” – has nipped PDAs (public displays of affection) rignt in the bud. 

A Saudi Arabian couple have been arrested after a man filmed himself giving his girlfriend a peck on the cheek as he gave her a driving lesson.

Hey, I took Health class in high school and I get officials’ concerns: kissing could lead to sex! (gasp)

The Chicks on the Right discuss their Saudi Arabian Insanity in today’s Speedround. Plus, an adult film actress offers her chest as protection at a hockey game, and a candidate for Congress goes after the First Lady.