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INDIANAPOLIS — Indianapolis Democrat Andre Carson is urging undecided voters to keep Senator Joe Donnelly in the U.S. Senate. 

Donnelly is being challenged by Republican nominee Mike Braun. Carson said he’s excited about Democrats’ chances in the mid-term elections. However, he said Indiana needs more registered voters to turn out on election day in November.

“I think there is a lot of enthusiasm around Joe’s (Donnelly) race,” Carson told IndyPolitics. “Hopefully, my buddies who are moderate Republicans will get out and vote for Joe because I think he is a guarantee.”

Carson said he is working to try and “drum up support” for Hoosiers to vote by working with the “activist community.” On average about 20-percent of registered Hoosiers turned out to vote in the primary election back in May. 

This week Facebook announced it found more fake accounts geared towards spreading false election propaganda; much like what was being blamed for 2016 election meddling by Russia. Carson, who sits on the House Intelligence Committee says he’s not surprised at the discovery. 

“I’m not surprised. It’s something that we deal with regularly in committee work,” Carson said. “Russia has always targeted the United States and they will continue to do so.”

Carson is critical of President Trump’s approach to dealing with Russian election meddling.

“This love affair we’re are trying to have with Vladimir Putin concerns me,” Carson added. “That’s not to say that we shouldn’t meet with our most hostile enemies at some point, but it does say that we cannot let them off the hook for trying to impede in and disrupt our elections.”

Election day is November 6th.

(PHOTO: Tom Williams/Getty Images)