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(Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

President Trump was in full 2016 campaign mode during a raucus rally in Tampa, Florida, Tuesday night, and it was a true sight to behold.

From mocking uptight political bureaucrats to doubling down on his Elizabeth Warren “Pocahontas” comments to railing against voter ID laws, the President took the gloves off and didn’t let up for the entire event.

But what ultimately attracted the majority of the attention from the mainstream media, was CNN’s Jim Acosta. After getting tossed out of a photo op by White House staffers earlier in the week, Acosta travelled to Tampa to report from the floor of the rally; however, Trump supporters in attendance were verbally harassing poor little Jimbo, and he used his time during an appearance with Wolf Blitzer to whine about how CNN is not “fake news.”

WIBC’s Hammer & Nigel were amused at the level of severe “butt-hurt” displayed by Acosta, followed by the about-face he pulled on Twitter:


“The crowd was doing what they do best – yelling about how CNN sucks – and Acosta went on the air all butt-hurt. No one talks about how CNN is being called fake news more than Jim Acosta.”


“What do you think is going on here though, because to me, this is a WWE atmosphere.”


“Absolutely. Donald Trump needs Jim Acosta to do Jim Acosta things, right? Meanwhile, Jim Acosta can build his brand and position himself for a future show by being Reggie Miller in Madison Square Garden.”


“But then Jim Acosta breaks his own narrative by talking with Trump supporters and tweeting out pictures of the event talking about how it was so nice to talk with them. So to me, it’s entertainment and [Trump and Acosta] are in it together.”

Click the link below to hear the full breakdown from Hammer and Nigel: