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WASHINGTON, D.C. — Russia is at it again. That’s according to National Intelligence Director Dan Coats.

At a White House press briefing this afternoon, Coats, your former Senator from Indiana, said Russia is again trying to influence the election process as we approach the November mid-terms.

“We continue to see a pervasive messaging campaign by Russia to try and weaken and divide the United State,” Coats said. “These efforts are not exclusive to this or future elections but certainly cover issues relevant to the election.”

Just this week, Facebook discovered more fake accounts which is said were spreading false propaganda in order to skew voters to vote a certain way. Facebook stopped short of blaming Russia for the accounts.

Coats said Russia is also trying to hack into the record of government leaders and election candidates alike. He added that it’s not just Russia that is trying to meddle with the mid-term elections.

“We are aware that Russia is not the only country that has an interest in trying tin influence our political environment,” Coats said. “We know there are others who have the capability and maybe considering influence activities.”

Several lawmakers, like Indiana Rep. Andre Carson, are calling on President Trump to get tougher with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the election meddling. Putin maintains that Russia has never meddled in a U.S election.

(PHOTO: Win McNamee/Getty Images)