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The national nightmare is over. “What” you say?

  • Did north Korea denuclearize in exchange for a Nintendo WII and recalled Goldfish snacks?
  • Are our elections safe from Russian invasion because Putin forgot to pay his Comcast bill?
  • Did Sarah Sanders and Jim Acosta finally tie the knot?
  • Did Patriots owner Robert Kraft admit to treason – just because?
  • Whatever happened to Heather Graham? (this is the biggest traffic related inquiry I get – and on a day-to-day basis. I mean, Boogie Nights).


I-65 has reopened, and early.

And since it’s an interstate – and interstates cover multiple states – it WAS WAS WAS a national crisis.

The bridge rehabilitation project has been completed ahead of schedule, meaning all southbound lanes – including Pike Township (northwest side) and downtown (21st St. – Meridian/Pennsylvania, 113) – including the southbound ramps, are now open.

Northbound lanes downtown? They reopen at 6am Saturday, August 4th.

So we’re totally good-to-go for the Monday morning commute, which makes me want to hug and kiss and roleplay with each and every one of you.

Major interstate construction projects are finally done and we’ll talk again oh what is this fresh hell….

BYE, BYE, I-465

…Drove my chevy to levy but the levy was dry (did you Mick Jagger was Satan, according to Don Mclean? Well raise my rent).

Hashtag PLEASE! You guys are so creative…

I-465 on the southwest side is closing in September for another bridge rehabilitation project. The closure zone will stretch from east to west after the I-70 interchange to just before the I-65 interchange.

465 Closure

(Photo credit: INDOT)

Unlike the previous traffic heap of #I65Sucks – downtown version – both directions WILL NOT be closed at the same time.

Eastbound lanes will shutdown Friday, September 14th at 9pm and reopen on or before Monday, September 24th, at 5am.

During this time, the following eastbound I-465 on/off ramps will be closed:

  • Kentucky Ave/S.R. 67
  • Mann Rd.
  • Harding St/S.R. 37
  • East St/U.S. 31

THEN, westbound lanes will shutdown Friday, September 28th at 9pm and reopen on or before Monday October 8th, at 5am.

During this time, the following westbound I-465 on/off ramps will be closed:

  • Kentucky Ave/S.R. 67
  • Mann Rd.
  • Harding St/S.R. 37
  • East St/U.S. 31

In other words, ten day closures for each direction.

Here’s a list of construction projects that will and won’t be done when I-465 on the southwest side goes bye bye. In fact, I’m going to start keeping a running tally of completed construction projects and what’s still in the works when the WIBC Traffic Blog is published. Help. me. Out by tweeting me @WIBCTraffic or at (317) 684-8134. Ask questions! Question me! Become emotional! I want to be waterboarded!:


  • #I65Sucks – or the multiple I-65 closures downtown and in Pike Township.
  • I-69 “section five” (hopefully).
  • Mitthoefer Rd. closure from 30th to 38th St. 
  • Hazel Dell at 96th St. roundabout.
  • Southbound I-69 road work (right lane) from 126th St. to 116th St.


  • Meridian St. closure (until end of October).
  • Central Ave. bridge (until end of November, and stay tuned for the closure of the COLLEGE Ave. bridge).
  • World’s biggest roundabout at 96th and Keystone (until sometime in 2019)
  • I-69 “section six” (until BWAHAHAHAHHA yeah right).
  • Oliver Ave. Bridge rehab project (until the end of November).
  • Red Line Construction (Open in 2019).

We’ll give you a semi-spilled load of reroutes before the I-465 shutdown.

Until then, please be safe. The commutes have been brutal lately.


Matt Bair believes interstates are for the spoiled, and gravel roads are the only way to go. He is the new voice of Indianapolis traffic, and can be followed on Twitter @WIBCTraffic. Tips? Call direct at (317) 684-8134 or the 93 WIBC Newsroom at (317) 637-6397.

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