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TERRE HAUTE, Ind. — Gage Eup, 18, of Terre Haute is dead after being shot in the face by his friend.

The Tribune-Star says police arrested Dylan Morgan, 20, and charged him with reckless homicide, altering the scene of a death, and obstruction of justice in connection to the shooting that killed Eup.

Court documents filed Monday say Eup and his friend Bryce Weir went to Morgan’s to hang out.  While there Morgan told Eup he’d shoot him if he didn’t change the song that was playing on the television. Weir told police Morgan got a gun from his bedroom, removed the magazine, pointed it at Eup and pulled the trigger believing the gun wouldn’t fire without the magazine. 

The Tribune-Star says Morgan reportedly told Weir not to tell anyone, and say it was a suicide. He put the magazine back into the gun and put another round in the chamber to make it look like suicide. 

Morgan said after he shot Eup he knew he was dead.

Police say alcohol and drugs were involved.

Court documents show that formal charges will be filed at 9 a.m. Thursday in Vigo Superior Court 1.

(Photo by Sean Locke/Getty)