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Ismael Duarte, a father in California, attacked a man in a Target store this week after he caught a pervert following his 15 year-old daughter and attempting to take upskirt photos of her.

Surveillance video captured Duarte tackling the suspect, Jorge A. Ibarra Jr., who was later arrested on “suspicion of invasion of privacy.”

“I’m p—ed off that I didn’t do more than I did but I wish I would have, because I’m so angry,” Duarte told a local media outlet.

WIBC host Tony Katz called the man “the father in all of us.”

“This is a message from the fathers to the freak shows out there. If you mess with our kids, we are going to kick your ass in a way that’s obscene. We don’t care about the law. We don’t care about the courts. We would tell the judge ‘do what you got to do.’ But if you mess with our kids, we will beat you until you are simply laying in a puddle of your own juices at my feet, and any man who wouldn’t do the same? You should question if that’s a man you want to make babies with.”

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