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For months, hopeful Democrat voters have been savoring promises of a blue wave in November.

WIBC host Tony Katz, however, told listeners on his Wednesday afternoon radio show that it’s not going to shape up that way at all, pointing to the results of the recent special election in the 12th district of Ohio where state Sen. Troy Balderson (R) lead Franklin County Recorder Danny O’Connor (D) by just under 2,000 votes with 99{67cfbb0b132a6b5b3ee724f4f3e93544eae70154f8be103048380fa52e4548d8} of precincts reporting.


“The Trump hate will only go so far and do so much damage. You still have to have a message. It’s going to be a tight race in November midterms, but it’s not just going to be a blue wave.

Now, Republicans will still have to be focussed and work hard. And Republicans have a tendancy to sit back and not do that. It was a tight lead in Ohio and that lead can be erased easily because while Trump hate will only go so far, Trump hate is real.”

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