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Political discourse and the increasingly virulent news cycle aside, Americans are some of the most generous and caring people on the planet, and our medical professionals are modern-day miracle workers.

For proof, look no further than Linda Karr and Tammy Griffin.

Linda was born with a heart defect and was put on a transplant list two years go. Tammy Griffin has cystic fibrosis and was in need of a double heart-lung transplant. 

Two years ago Griffin got a call that there was a deceased donor who she matched for a heart and lung transplant. But her heart was still good, so she signed up to donate it. 

Doctors performed a “domino surgery” where Griffin’s heart was given to Karr and Griffin received the deceased donor’s organs.

Karr and Griffin recently met and took part in the Transplant Games in Salt Lake City, Utah.

WIBC hosts Hammer and Nigel discussed the incredible story in today’s edition of “Is This Anything?”:


“This is why America is the greatest country on the planet; the doctors are the best in this country. This lady needed a different heart and lungs, which she received from the deceased donor. Then she gave her heart to another woman who needed it.”


“It’s like they’re wheeling and dealing playing Monopoly! See, this is why I don’t want to be cremated. What if they come up with a way to bring you back to life? I don’t wanna be a pile of ashes, I want gamblin’ man Hammer to be ready to get up and go!”

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