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(HOBOKEN, N.J.) – Indiana’s typical student-loan debt is slightly above the national average, according to an online student-loan broker.


LendEDU says the average graduate from Indiana colleges last year had about $17,000 in debt, 4{67cfbb0b132a6b5b3ee724f4f3e93544eae70154f8be103048380fa52e4548d8} above the national average. Two out of five graduated debt-free — the ones who did have outstanding loans owed an average of about $29,000.


The percentage of students graduating without student loans improved to 42{67cfbb0b132a6b5b3ee724f4f3e93544eae70154f8be103048380fa52e4548d8} nationally last year, up from 40{67cfbb0b132a6b5b3ee724f4f3e93544eae70154f8be103048380fa52e4548d8} the year before. Indiana matched the national average.


All Indiana’s public schools except Ball State, IU Bloomington and IUPUI were better than the national average, and those three were under the state average. IU East posted the lowest average debt load among borrowers, followed by DePauw, IU Kokomo and IU Southeast.


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