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We lose one bridge, another stays closed, but Meridian St. is making a comeback – sort of.

Fatigued by all of the construction in the Indy metro area? I don’t blame you, but strap yourself in, put the chicken biscuit on the dash, and save your text message for later. We’re driving into a chaotic September for downtown/northeast and southwest side commuters.

Alright, here it is:

  • On September 17th – just days after eastbound I-465 goes “bye bye” on the southwest side – the College Ave. bridge over Fall Creek will close for 60-days to fix the deck and repair the sidewalks. The bridge will reopen on November, 17th – weather permitting.
  • At the same time, Citizens Energy has ramped up construction on the DigIndy project that’s closed Meridian St. from Fall Creek Pkwy. to 30th St. The plan is to reopen Meridian on the same day the College Ave. bridge closes – or September 17th.
  • The reopening of Central Ave. bridge – which has been closed all year because of erosion – has been DELAYED until SPRING of 2019. In a press release, the Department of Public Works (DPW) says extra time is needed because of the “historic nature of the bridge.” The Central Ave. bridge was originally scheduled to reopen in November of this year.

So what is actually opened and closed on September 17th? Take a look:

Meridian College

The reroutes above suggest you push your commute over to Meridian St – since it’s opening the same day Capitol Ave. bridge closes. However, Meridian is down to one lane in each direction from 18th St. to 38th St. for construction on the Red Line – the high speed bus service that’s scheduled to open next year – making Meridian a real grind during morning and evening rush. Check it out:

Red Line Meridian

Oh yeah. In the Meridian St. construction zone, there are several places you can’t turn left. YAHTZEE!

No left turn

Need further explanation of the map above? Sure. The following illustrates that you can’t turn left FROM southbound 22nd St:


Watch out for the “no left turn” from northbound 38th St. Three cars – including myself – had to turn around at Tarkington Park, head south on Meridian, then west on 38th St. The park was really busy, so I’d recommend finding another place to turn around. Or, you can go west to Capitol Ave., then make a right – or west – at 38th St.  

Check it out:


What a mess.

Even though Meridian St. is reopening at 28th St, traffic is still taking an ugly – and possibly permanent – hit from 18th St. to 38th St.

  • If you want to avoid the work zone during morning rush, make a break for the southbound one-ways – Pennsylvania St. (Penn. turns into a one-way after Fall Creek), MLK is another option, or you can use Capitol Ave.
  • If you’re heading home from downtown, try the northbound one-ways – Illinois St. or Delaware St (until the one way ends after Fall Creek). Again, West St. and MLK are options.

Expect these reroutes to get heavier once word spreads about the mess on Meridian.

So we have a bridge closing, a bridge STILL closed, and a major commuter artery – though pretty roughed up – reopening, but lets not forget the southwest side, where…


Hey, in northern Indiana speak, “you get one you get ’em all.” I think that was about horses, though. Like the ones you can ride.

I-465 on the southwest side is closing in September for another bridge rebuild project. Thankfully – unlike the downtown portion of #I65Sucks – only one side of I-465 will be closed at a time:

465 Closure

(Photo credit: INDOT)

I’ve blogged about this a couple of times, and the veteran reader of the WIBC Traffic Blog knows the closure zone will stretch from east to west after the I-70 interchange to just before the I-65 interchange. Again, only one side at a time:

  • Eastbound lanes will shutdown Friday, September 14th at 9pm and reopen on or before Monday, September 24th, at 5am.

During this time, the following eastbound I-465 on/off ramps will be closed:

Kentucky Ave/S.R. 67

Mann Rd.

Harding St/S.R. 37

East St/U.S. 31

  • THEN, westbound lanes will shutdown Friday, September 28th at 9pm and reopen on or before Monday October 8th, at 5am.

During this time, the following westbound I-465 on/off ramps will be closed:

Kentucky Ave/S.R. 67

Mann Rd.

Harding St/S.R. 37

East St/U.S. 31

Essentially, ten day closures for each direction. 


Here’s all the delicious traffic action happening in September, in order:

  • September 14th: Eastbound I-465 closes on the southwest side for ten days – or until Monday Sept, 24th.
  • September 17th: College Ave. bridge closes over Fall Creek.
  • September 17th: Meridian St. at 28th St. reopens.
  • ***Central Ave. bridge remains closed until Spring, 2019.
  • September 24th: Eastbound I-465 reopens.
  • September 28th: Westbound I465 closes on the southwest side for ten days – or until Monday, October 8th.


Here are the major construction projects that will be open and closed on September 17th.  If I missed one, hit me up on Twitter at @WIBCTraffic


  • Eastbound 82nd St. from Lantern Rd. and Fall Creek Rd.


  • I-69 expansion from Bloomington to Martinsville (DELAYED until mid-October, maybe longer).
  • I-69 expansion from Martinsville to Indianapolis HAHAHAHAHA I’m such a cut up…
  • Central Ave. bridge (until Spring 2019).
  • Meridian St. closure (September 17th, REOPENING).
  • Oliver Ave. Bridge rehab project (Summer 2019).
  • Red Line Construction (Opens in 2019).
  • Shelby St. from Troy Ave. to Southern Ave. (Opens No
  • World’s biggest roundabout at 96th and Keystone (until sometime in 2019)

Of course we’re keeping an eye on all of this, and I’ll yell if any these projects get delayed or moved up. 

Questions? No sweat. As mentioned, I’m at @WIBCTraffic.

I-465 reroutes coming soon.

Please be safe.


Believe it or not, Matt Bair’s stage name for Playgirl Magazine was “Bridge Master.” He’s the new voice of Indianapolis traffic, and can be followed on Twitter @WIBCTraffic..Tips? Call direct at (317) 684-8134 or the 93 WIBC Newsroom at (317) 637-6397.