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Comedian Stephen Colbert said socialism may be tainted in the U.S. on “The Late Show” Tuesday, but his guest Sen. Bernie Sanders disagreed.

“Why do you need to call yourself ‘socialist,’” Colbert said. “Because that has such– that’s freighted with so much negativity in the United States.”

“I’m just saying that, like, people are very excited about Ocasio-Cortez … But the people she campaigned for did not win their primaries,” he continued. “Only half the people you have campaigned for have won their primaries so far. So maybe there’s a little, there’s a little taint to socialism that turns people off.”

Sanders said he doesn’t believe socialism is tainted and said the ideology has made great strides in recent years, becoming more mainstream than ever before.

“I don’t really think so,” Sanders replied. “I think the real issue is that the ideas that we have been talking about, almost without exception, Stephen, are now ideas that are mainstream ideas that are supported by the vast majority of American people.”

“I think, also, people in their gut understand that we’re living in a really strange moment in American history, above and beyond Donald Trump, which is very strange.”

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