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(Mark Wilson/Getty Images)

Thursday was the big editorial bust in newspapers and media outlets across the country. 

Over 300 newspapers featured editorials sharply criticizing President Donald Trump for calling media “The Enemy of the People.”

As WIBC host Tony Katz told listeners, however, the effort was far more self-serving than anything else. 


“If newspapers want to be impactful on how America views the news and how they see the stories coming out, then they only have to take it upon themselves to be better at what they do – to point out what the actual news is.

So many got into the idea that they are not enemies of the people. What are you talking about? Go be journalists!”

Meanwhile, the Senate unanimously passed a resolution Thursday affirming that “the press is not the enemy of the people.” The resolution, introduced by Democratic Sen. Brian Schatz of Hawaii, passed by unanimous consent.

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