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The left-wing insanity in the golden state knows no bounds.

California wants to pass a bill that will prevent restaurants from serving surgary drinks to children with their meals. The measure, if signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown, would require restaurants to serve water or milk with kids’ meals instead of soda or juice.

Supporters include the American Cancer Society, which encourages limiting sugar intake as a way to prevent obesity.

The bill would still allow parents to order alternatives; they would just have to ask for it.


“According to Stephanie Winn of the American Cancer Society, ‘cancer is fought in the halls of government – not just in the halls of a hospital.’ That is absolutely insane. What are we talking about? Government enforces contract; government keeps the roads in tip-top shape. Provide for the common defense; promote the general welfare; shout from the mountaintops that soda is bad for kids. Passing laws about it? That’s madness.”

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