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(Sergei Malgavko/Getty Images)

There’s an all-new challenge gaining in popularity, and for once, it’s unlikely to send you to the emergency room: the “Tip The Bill Challenge.”

Gee, I wonder what the inventor of this challenge does for a living?

The “Tip The Bill Challenge” has people leaving 100 percent gratuity on their restaurant bill for their server. 

Apparently, the majority of people absolutely suck at tipping these days. Eater reports that 40 percent of people are unaware that they should be tipping between 15 and 20 percent.

Hammer and Nigel might be poor radio professionals, but that doesn’t mean they’re cheap:


“I’m down with ‘Tip the Bill Challenge.’ If I was rich enough, I’d go 100{67cfbb0b132a6b5b3ee724f4f3e93544eae70154f8be103048380fa52e4548d8} every time. Unfortunately, my career in radio allows me to go 15-20{67cfbb0b132a6b5b3ee724f4f3e93544eae70154f8be103048380fa52e4548d8} – not a penny more. Yeah, I’m fine with this. Think of all the dummy challenges there have been? The Tide Pod Challenge, the boiling water challenge.”


“The hot coil challenge where you brand yourself on a hot stove.”


“What’s the one where you get out of the car and start dancing while the car is still moving?”


“That would be the ‘In My Feelings’ challenge by Drake. Yeah, I’m down with ‘Tip the Bill Challenge.’”

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