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NEW CASLTE, Ind. — A New Castle man who was tied up and pistol-whipped by robbers says he was able to identify one of the attackers because he’d previously done work on his property.

Zachary Davis was asleep and alone last week when he heard a noise.

“I went to the back door and I happened to notice Logan Rogers,” Davis said.

Rogers had previously done work on Davis’ property. But there wasn’t any reason for him to be there that night.

Davis says he was trying to figure out why Rogers and two other men where at his door when one of them came at him. He says they smacked him with a pistol and then taped his ankles and hands.

“[He] held me at gunpoint while everybody else was robbing my property,” Davis said.

Davis says the men stole thousands of dollars’ worth of tools and electronics before taking off. Before they left, though, Davis was able to see what kind of car they were in, and which way they were headed.

Davis managed to get out of the house by unlocking the door with his hands still tied behind his back. He walked to the street, where a garbage truck stopped to help.

After Davis told police what happened, he jumped on Facebook. He was friends with Rogers and was able to figure out who the other two men were through the social media site, he said. He gave their names and information to police, who arrested Rogers on charges of robbery, criminal confinement and battery. Arrest warrants were also issued for Rogers’ alleged accomplices, Tyler Moran and Darrick Sullivan.

Davis says he’s thankful to still be alive, but he’s not sure if he’ll ever feel safe on his property again.

(Photo by Anthony Wallace/Thinkstock.)