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INDIANAPOLIS — One pizza restaurant is changing its practices on delivery orders four days after police say a Papa John’s pizza delivery driver was killed. 

Three men have been arrested for the murder of LaVon Drake III, 24. Drake was delivering pizza for Papa John’s to a home on the northeast side of Indianapolis when he was shot and killed Monday night.  

The owner of Papa Ray’s Pizza and Wings, Atif Qazi, says he has put a new policy in place to make things safer for his delivery drivers. He says two of his men have been robbed since March 2017. He decided to make the changer after the latest incident. 

That new policy means that if you want pizza delivered late at night, you have to use a credit card. Drivers will no longer delivery cash orders after dark.  

Qazi says he’s lost some business since changing his policy, but none of that business is worth the lives of his drivers.

 “I already instructed the drivers, life is more than money. Take care of your lives. If you feel this area is not good and you feel the danger, just leave this place. Don’t deliver it,” said Qazi.

Qazi says he knows some people don’t have credit cards. If you don’t have a credit card, then you will have to order carry-out pizza if you want Papa Ray’s late at night.