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CORYDON, Ind.–A man suspected of going onto someone’s property and stealing ginseng in Harrison County, faces several charges, including trespassing and theft. WAVE TV in Louisville reports the man ran from Indiana Dept. of Natural Resources conservation officers and was found hiding in someone’s basement.

The plant is sold in stores in Indiana, and may have several benefits. The benefits the man who was stealing it was looking for was money.

The five lbs. of out-of-season ginseng the man dug up and stole Wednesday, according to DNR officers, was worth about $500.

When it’s in season, starting in September, the plant can be worth much more. Five lbs. could be worth $2,500.

Officers said many people may not even know it’s on their property, and they may also not know that thieves are coming onto the property and digging it up.

Officers said the man who was driving the getaway car was snorting prescription pills. They found out about the illicit digging through an anonymous tip.

PHOTO: Thinkstock/Odyphoto