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(James Devaney/Getty Images)

They’re killing Roseanne! 

But don’t worry; it’s just for pretend on the show that she created, which also bears her name.

Unfortunately, real-life Roseanne said something that liberal snowflakes and Hollywood elites found so egregiously racist and offensive that no amount of apologies could ever make it right. Yes, racist, homophobic, and xenophobic things are said in Hollywood all the time, but they’re said at liberal cocktail parties and in private – NOT ON SOCIAL MEDIA!

Anyhow, the punishment for Roseanne’s sin is death, and TV death is what she shall receive!


“How are they going to kill her off? What are they going to just drop a giant boulder on her?


“No, she’ll die of an overdose because that’s how it ended last season, remember?”


“Oh, so they’re going to piggy-back off her idea AGAIN! Or are they going to do it Wile Coyote style? Jerks. She should totally do a show about people your show. What a bunch of jerks.”

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