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(Michael B. Thomas/Getty Images)

President Donald Trump spoke before a massive crowd of several thousand in Evansville, Indiana Thursday night for “Make America Great Again” event, hoping to rally support for Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate, Mike Braun. 

Local media outlets in Evansville reported that several hundred Trump loyalists had already lined up outside the Ford Center before dawn Thursday morning.

The President hit his usual talking points, touting tax cuts and the health of the economy before focussing his enthusiasm on Senate candidate Braun. The race between Braun and Democratic incumbent Joe Donnelly is one of the most closely-watched battles heading into the November midterms. 

WIBC hosts Hammer and Nigel spoke with WIBC news director Chris Davis a few moments prior to tonight’s rally. Davis noted that the endorsement of Trump is a benefit for Mike Braun, but that is largely due to the overwhelming base of existing support for the President in Indiana.


“In some places, the President’s presence has actually been a detriment, but obviously that’s not the case in Indiana. Indiana was the second state called for President Trump on election night – right after Kentucky. And remember that the President already rallied in Indiana the day after Mike Braun won the Republican primary for Senate in May.”

It was during Trump’s visit in May in which he famously referred to Donnelly “Sleepin’ Joe” and a “swamp person.”

Click the link below to hear Hammer and Nigel’s full interview with Chris Davis – including a preview of an upcoming special on the opioid crisis in Indiana: