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If you haven’t been keeping up with the latest gossip surrounding the WIBC feud, here’s what you need to know about Indy’s own ‘War to End All Wars’:

  • Last Tuesday, WIBC host Tony Katz appeared on the Hammer and Nigel show and made a crack about Mock from the Chicks on the Right. 
  • Wednesday morning, the Chick’s producer, Rob Kendall – a part-time Jeremy Piven impersonator who performs at low budget auto shows in the Midwest – tattled on Tony and got the Chick’s riled up.
  • Wednesday afternoon, Hammer and Nigel exposed producer Rob for the smedium-wearing weasel that he is.
  • Thursday morning, Tony Katz struck back at the weasel and Hammer and Nigel for turning a “joke” – albeit a lousy one – into a radio civil war.

Those are the facts as presented and where things stood as of 4 pm E.T. Thursday afternoon… and then Hammer called Tony Katz “fat.” 

Click the link below to get up to speed and hear Hammer and Nigel plunge themselves further into a cesspool of their own making.