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Photo Credit: Getty Images. Marka / Contributor

School is back in session, summer vacations are no more, the Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte is already making its debut, fall is officially around the corner! I’m not sure if we can help you emotionally prepare for this, but we can help you prepare your lawn for fall.


First we’ll let you in on a little secret: now is actually the perfect time to prevent weeds from emerging in the spring, especially ground ivy. Use weed killer like Turf Builder Weed and Feed or liquid spray like Weed Free/Speed Zone to get the weeds while they aren’t as active.


Next, you might want to look into laying down some crabgrass pre-emergent. That may seem odd, because it’s not spring, but trust us you’d be surprised by how well it controls chickweed. That stuff is a pain, but the pre-emergent will get it while it’s down.


Fall is also the perfect time to start laying down grass seed for your lawn. Best time to start seeding for new grass is the third week of August through the third week in September. A fan favorite add Love Your Soil when seeding. This stuff loosens the soil and enhances the grass root mass.


For even more tips on what to do this month to prep your lawn, check out Pat’s quick rundown on what he thinks is most important.



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