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With the advent of the first holiday of autumn, the subtle little changes that portend the fall are all around us.  And that provides welcome diversion from workaday issues and even helps to conceal the ominous signs of the collapse of our American society as we still know it today.  It is not my intention to just rain down a big load of negativity on your first days of the approach of autumn nor is it my desire to sound the death knell for our grand experiment in liberty.

We have come to a moment where all Americans need to step back far enough from the political fray to begin to recognize just what is at stake as we move toward November and the midterm elections.  In point of fact, the battle lines now drawn in races all across the republic for US Senator, Congressmen and state governors demonstrate the presence of an ilk of radical leftist that has, with brazen and audacious malice for this one experiment in freedom, declared war. 

Going back into the 1950s the seeds were sprouting on the coasts and beginning to sprout on college campuses, so that after 50 years of growth  they have now caused the appearance of folks whose—at least finally—intentions are no longer hidden from the people. 

Let’s just look at the signs and the key evidence that all who cherish liberty and its American founding need to see clearly.  First, we now have a full blown and thriving “wag the dog” phenomenon where traditional values and mores are concerned.  Great harm (if not destruction) of the family as bulwark upon which the civilization is based has been wrought on us all.  Same sex marriage, the recognition of transgender phenomena as legitimate “alternative” to reality, and violent response to any who would stand on principle in opposition get crushed all show us that said bulwark is cracked and badly damaged.

Second, the legitimacy of Christianity and Judaism have been so deeply eroded that antisemitism and the persecution of the Christian Church are now commonplace and often arouse no comment at all.  Moreover those who speak out in defense of our faith are either ignored or quickly silenced under a swarm of hate-filled opposition that is clearly intent on crushing both faiths.

Last, at least for now, is the evidence of what has become of journalism as it has now totally abandoned any tiny remainder of objectivity or regard for the truth.  Whether it is their rabid and empty headed loathing of our President or the bloody zeal with which they take on and attempt to destroy the institutions that form the   foundation for our entire society—ANTIFA, Black Lives Matter, the Southern Poverty Law Center or the many atheist-driven groups and “environmental thugs” all can count on media coverage that is no less than fawning.  Obsequious excuse making for the most virulent and violent positions as well as actions that often include serious injuries or worse to innocent people are CNN’s stock in trade along with a  whole host of other fake news organs across the country.

Do not allow yourselves to ignore all this or get hockey-pucked into corners. My message is simply to exhort you toward information, understanding and action.  Every election campaign has the potential to be part of the so-called “resistance”, as that term is now used to bundle up the whole array of those who hate us for whatever reason.  Let’s get busy.