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(Rochelle Brodin / Getty Images)

Rest in peace, Kevin Spacey. You’re not dead, but your career sure as hell is.

The fine, upstanding people of Netflix have released a trailer for the upcoming season 6 “House of Cards” and guess who’s MIA? Here’s a hint: his name is Kevin Spacey and he plays the character of President Frank Underwood. 

While you’ll have to tune into the season premiere to find out exactly HOW President Frank was extinguished from the land of political make believe, the real takeaway from the “House of Cards” teaser is that Netflix executives clearly have no sense of humor. If they did, they’d replace Spacey with Christopher Plummer and pretend like nothing happened. 

WIBC hosts Hammer and Nigel discussed the upcoming season 6 “House of Cards” in today’s edition of “Is This Anything.” Click below to check it out: