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On Monday, The Boston Globe published the findings of its supposed “exhaustive review” of evidence surrounding Elizabeth Warren’s use of her claims that she is Native American to promote her academic career; however, the publication made a major headline revision to its original story, suggesting that the outlet was uneasy about how it initially framed the story, according to critics.

“Did claiming Native American heritage actually help Elizabeth Warren get ahead? No, but it’s complicated,” the original headline read. But in a notable revision, the liberal publication scrubbed any reference to Warren “claiming to be Native American” and eliminated all “confusion”

“Ethnicity not a factor in Elizabeth Warren’s rise in law,” the revised headline reads.


WIBC host Tony katz discussed the Boston Globe’s calculated revision to protect Warren from her own lies:

“Oh, so first it was a question of her native American heritage, and now the whole conversation is ‘ethnicity not a factor.’ Someone got a phone call.

Do you understand now why people talk about a ‘fake news media?’”

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