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MOORESVILLE, Ind. — Police in Mooresville are warning people to be on the lookout for two women who are targeting senior living facilities and stealing from residents. 

According to Mooresville Police Department detectives, the women access the facility by telling the front desk to buzz them in so they can inquire about jobs they applied for online. 

Once inside, one woman asks where the bathroom is and the other asks for the administrator. That person then distracts the administrator while the other goes to multiple rooms and takes purses and other valuables, MPD Detective Brad Yarnell said. 

In surveillance pictures provided by police, the two women appear to be wearing scrubs and fit right in as they wander around the facility.  

Police believe once they have stolen a few purses. They then went to a Meijer store and bought hundreds of dollars in gift cards. 

Police took multiple reports of stolen purses from two senior facilities on Tuesday. One report came from the Miller’s Senior Living Community, the other from Meadow Lakes Senior living, also in Mooresville. Police say they also tried to access The Springs of Mooresville but did not get in. 

Police also believe a third woman may be involved. That woman stays outside and drives the women away, Yarnell said. 

Police said these women may be working in several states including West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky.

Police are working to gather more surveillance video to help ID the women and connect them to each case. 

(Photo RTV6)