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(ANGELA WEISS / Getty Images)

Who is this unnamed alleged senior Trump administration official who penned an anonymous New York Times hit piece on President Donald Trump? Do they even exist? Are they truly working within the Trump administration as an undercover member of “the resistance”? Will left-wing media outlets ever seek help for their obvious and obsessive anti-Trump fetish?

The Times said disclosing the name of the official, who is known to the publication, would jeopardize the official’s job, and that publishing the piece anonymously was the only way to deliver an important perspective to readers. 

WIBC host Tony Katz called ‘foul’ on the article Thursday.

“When I first saw this story I said alright, this is just one more piece in the anti-Trump snuff film that the leftists have running in their head. You think this is legit? Well then this is an attempt to usurp the elected President of the United States by an unelected individual, and there’s a communist country waiting for you.”

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