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(Drew Angerer/Getty Images)

Twitter has permanently banned Alex Jones and Info Wars from their platform, and liberals are in a state of positively orgasmic delight.

Yes, there was a time when liberals were all about standing against censorship and pushing the boundaries of free speech while Republicans were boycotting ABC because NYPD Blue star David Carusso was showing his ass. 

Ah, but now the roles have been reversed and liberals’ newly adopted and completely insufferable anti-America ‘principles’ have silenced one of the most controversial conservative voices on the far right.

According to the completely neutral and unbiased ‘journalists’ at CNBC:

“The ban appears to be related to a heated exchange between Jones and a CNN reporter Wednesday, which Jones live-streamed on the Twitter-owned video service Periscope. Jones ranted at the reporter, as well as Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, following back-to-back congressional hearings where Dorsey addressed online election interference, as well as accusations of political bias and conservative censorship on the platform.”

In other words, sticks and stones break bones, but words really get liberals good and butt-hurt.

WIBC hosts The Chicks on the Right discussed the Alex Jones ban Friday. Click the link below to check it out. Do it now or we’ll come find you: