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New York’s famed Playboy Club is opening its doors once again, and social justice warriors around the around the world are losing their s#${88985e72cdc23cc640478df67fb322de3b1b52d56709d5df1fff12157a74fef6}.

So what has those precious, delicate little flowers crying ‘foul’ this time? Well, apparently the fact that anyone would dare to open a club featuring scantily clad women in the era of #MeToo is an offense on par with the holocaust of Europe. 

From the Guardian:

“The Playboy Club will be located on the west side of Manhattan, about a mile-and-a-half south-west of the original club, and just a few blocks from where hundreds of thousands of people took part in a Women’s March in January.

That jarring symbolism is not lost on critics of the Playboy Club. Clark Wolf, a restaurant and food business consultant based in New York and California, described the decision to reopen the club as “completely tone deaf” given the push for greater gender equality.

Wolf believes that the Playboy Club may be a ‘conscious or unconscious’ tap into the pushback against women who are demanding equal rights.

‘There is a bitter fight going on right now for middle-aged douchey white men to regain power and control and that is going on at all levels of society,’ Wolf said.”

Mr. Wolf, do ever so kindly shut your SJW pie hole, sir.

We get it; you think sex is dirty and an abomination against God – unless, of course, both parties submit a signed, legal document at least 48 hours in advance of copulation stating that sex “will be performed at a mutually agreed upon location, in mutually agreed upon positions, on mutually agreed upon sheets with of no less than 600 thread-count Egyptian cotton.” 

Meanwhile, the rest of us can click the link below to hear WIBC hosts The Chicks on the Right offer their take on the resurrection of the bunny: