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Violence against Republicans is increasing at an alarming rate, and mainstream media outlets and liberal politicians are disturbing silent. No condemnation. No denunciation of violence. Just silence.

Here’s a look at some of the current headlines that are oddly (sarcasm) NOT trending in social media:

Washington Examiner: “Man attempts to stab Republican running against Eric Swalwell”

Daily Mail: “DC police investigate threat to commit mass shooting at a MAGA event in Trump International Hotel”

Daily Caller: “Wyoming GOP Office Set on Fire”

TMZ: “Secret Service Wants to Talk With Actress Carole Cook Over Assassination Comment

Black Christian News: “Conservative Columnist Goes Into Hiding After Threats of Rape & Death”

But isn’t the left the party of peace and tolerance? Isn’t the left the party that wants common sense gun reform? Isn’t the left hypocritical as hell?

WIBC hosts the Chicks on the Right discussed the left’s deafening silence on Thursday’s show:


“But Obama was on a stage last Friday telling students at the University of Illinois that Republicans are the party of crazy.


“And fear.”


“Fear and fear mongering. Yeah, he probably needs to reword that.”


“And don’t give me your ‘Love Trumps Hate’ bullcrap, because we know what’s going on. When we’ve got Maxine Waters screaming at her followers to harass Trump officials and supporters, this is what happens.”


“And you’ve got celebrities on the left who are constantly threatening violence.”


“And this is just the collection of headlines from today!”

Click the link below to hear the Chicks’ full take on the left’s utter hypocrisy amidst the increasing violence against Republicans: