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Do you suffer from an inability to decipher between a legitimate meme that portrays facts accurately and memes that state facts which are bullcrap? Fret not, dear friend. The freedom-loving, compassionate father figures at Facebook are looking out for you!

The company announced this week that it will introduce a slew of new tools to combat fake news. These tools, which are 100{88985e72cdc23cc640478df67fb322de3b1b52d56709d5df1fff12157a74fef6} designed for your safety and emotional wellbeing include “more robust fact-checking in more countries, new technological techniques for sussing out bad content, cracking down on repeat offenders, and expanding its test for fact-checking photos, memes, and video.”


“Thank God, because I’ve been up for weeks over a meme that depicted Donald Trump riding a cartoon eagle and bombing CNN. I thought for sure he had hijacked one of the characters from Angry Birds and was randomly dropping explosives on media outlets.”

Click the link below to hear Nigel and Hammer’s take on the “Fake News Police” of Facebook.