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INDIANAPOLIS — Congratulations, Hoosiers! Indiana is no longer one of the ten fattest states in the nation.

A new report from the Trust for America’s Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation ranks Indiana as the 12th fattest state in the nation, down from 10th place in 2017.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is that more Hoosiers are obese in 2018 than they were in 2017.

The report says 33.6 percent of Indiana adults are obese, up from 32.5 percent last year.

Rebekah Pepper, spokeswoman for the new report, tells Fort Wayne’s Journal Gazette that Indiana’s improved ranking doesn’t necessarily mean that Hoosiers are slimming down. It could simply reflect that other states “are getting worse.”

The worst state for obesity is West Virginia, where 38.1 percent of adults are obese. The slimmest state is Colorado, with an obesity rate of 22.6 percent.

Top Five Most Obese States 

1. West Virginia (38.1{88985e72cdc23cc640478df67fb322de3b1b52d56709d5df1fff12157a74fef6} of adults)

2. Mississippi (27.3{88985e72cdc23cc640478df67fb322de3b1b52d56709d5df1fff12157a74fef6} of adults)

3. Oklahoma (36.5{88985e72cdc23cc640478df67fb322de3b1b52d56709d5df1fff12157a74fef6} of adults)

4. Iowa (36.4{88985e72cdc23cc640478df67fb322de3b1b52d56709d5df1fff12157a74fef6} of adults)

5. Alabama (36.3{88985e72cdc23cc640478df67fb322de3b1b52d56709d5df1fff12157a74fef6} of adults)

Click here to find out more about obesity and determine your Body Mass Index at the CDC website.

(Photo by Vladimir Floyd/iStock/Getty Images.)