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FRANKLIN, Ind. — No specific environmental concerns have been found in the Johnson County city of Franklin.

According to Indiana Department of Environmental Management Commissioner Bruno Pigott, the tests they have done over the past three months say there is no dangerous chemical contamination to worry about.

“We’ve been sampling drinking water, ground water, and soil gas sampling,” Pigott said. “All 24 homes in the area of the drinking wells that we sampled indicate that the drinking water is free of any volatile organic chemicals.”

Areas in question have been around the Paris States Subdivision, the Glendale Ross neighborhood, and two elementary schools near where the old Amphenol facility used to operate between the 1960’s and 1980’s. Initial tests showed trace amounts of radon and trichlorothylene in the soil. Both chemicals have the potential to cause cancer.

Pigott said testing of the soil, water and air in these areas came back negative for dangerous amounts of the chemicals. Nonetheless they are not ending their inquiry with that.

“We’ve put in six air quality monitors throughout the city,” Pigott continued. “Those results show that the air quality in Franklin is good, but we will continue to monitor that closely.”

Moving forward, the EPA is calling on Amphenol to help in the clean up of any chemicals that might be discovered in the future. Both IDEM and the EPA said they will keep working with the city of  Franklin to make sure residents there live in a safe and healthy environment.