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Need a break from the constant political yelling? The Chicks on the Right have you covered with a sexy (?) story from today’s edition of speedround.

According to owners of the website Pornhub say excitement over the unveiling of the latest iPhone was so intense, it actually caused a 10{88985e72cdc23cc640478df67fb322de3b1b52d56709d5df1fff12157a74fef6} drop in visits to their site during Apple’s official unveiling.

According to Pornhub, Apple users were far more interested in watching the Apple event than non-Apple users.

Traffic from Apple devices dropped by an average of 7 percent, according to Pornhub, while non-Apple device traffic dropped by just 2.1 percent. Pornhub added that the majority of 2.1 percent was comprised of Android devices.

In terms of minute-by-minute, Pornhub traffic from iOS devices dropped by almost 10 percent at 1pm EST—the moment the Apple event started. Non-Apple device traffic dropped by 3.7 percent.


“So people are more interested in Apple devices than porn, is that what we’re concluding?”


“At least temporarily. It’s like lasers on the wall with like dogs and cats.”

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