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(Win McNamee/Getty Images)

One of our favorite features of the Trump presidency at the Hammer and Nigel show is the “Trump Chopper Presser.” You know the deal: the pilots crank up Marine One, the Commander-in-Chief emerges, and then the press and the President scream at each other over the deafening sound of a helicopter rotar and engine. 

WIBC hosts Hammer and Nigel offered up their own rendition of the “Trump Chopper Presser” before stating the obvious solution:


“The last time he screamed, ‘I can’t hear you, there’s a helicopter!”


“Yeah, and these are important things here; he’s not talking about what turkey to pardon.”


“I’m so distracted. Here’s an idea: next time, why don’t we conduct the press conference and then start up the engines afterwards.” 

During Wednesday’s presser, the President addressed the delays in the confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh amid accusations of sexual assault.

“This is is not a man who deserves this,” Trump said, adding that the allegations “should’ve been brought up long ago.”

Trump also criticized Democrats and California Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the top Democrat on the Judiciary Committee, for not bringing up the letter during what he described as a “long, long meeting.”

“Why didn’t she bring it up then? Because they (Democrats) obstruct and because they resist – that’s the name of their campaign against me. They just resist and they just obstruct,” he said.

Hammer and Nigel dig into the President’s comments in the following clip. Check it out: